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  • Ink range

    Ink range

    Rottweil inks are best qualities imported from abroad!

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  • Rottweil E-Jet 255B

    Rottweil E-Jet 255B

    Rottweil E-Jet 255B continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) is engineered for industrial non-contact coding and marking application, capable of printing from 1~2 lines of text, nozzle 55um. Stable and reliable hydraulic system, Germany design.32 digits embedded LINUX operating system, 5 CPU chips, TFT color screen, QWERTY int’l standard keypad. USB port-easy upgrading, easy save/restore of print text & config. Maintenance reminding function, solvent bottle detector, nozzle self-cleaning function, solvent recycling system design, etc provides you all-round services.

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